How we work

Our steps towards the smart brewery of tomorrow.

Step 1 - Presentation

Right from the first contact, you will notice that we are specialists in your industry. We have product knowledge and know your challenges, so we can quickly get to grips with your project.

Step 2 - Case Study

After collecting the Customer Objects and analysing the product flow within your company, our engineering team starts working on the most efficient solution.

Step 3 - Proposal

Our proposal is always made with you, the customer, in the central position. Realistic and true-to-life 3D simulations prove the feasibility, while the 2D implantation of the proposed solution gives a good picture of the product flow. We choose the solution with the best balance between investment – efficiency – flexibility.

Step 4 - Elaboration

From the official start of our partnership, you will be fully involved in the project management. We start with a kick-off meeting where we discuss all the technical details with you and your team. Then, the engineering team gets to work and before we go into production, we invite you to do the Engineering Design Review together. This step guarantees that during the Factory Approval Test you will get exactly the solution you expect.

Step 5 - Solid Service

Because you have already tested the working machine in our workshop, a smooth start-up is guaranteed.

After the installation, you can count on our highly reactive after-sales specialists who can come to your site within the same day if necessary.

Do you have questions concerning our approach or would you like to meet us in person?