Automation solutions for the smart brewery of tomorrow.

Rock Solutions automates the packaging part of your filling lines. We search for tailor-made innovative solutions that can be immediately integrated in your own brewery.

End of line solutions

Tailor-made solutions that ensure faster and more accurate work at the beginning and end of your filling lines.

Depalletising, palletising, packaging.

Rock Solutions goes for custom solutions that perfectly fit your needs and current process.


Save time and money by automating and optimising.

Take the robot out of the person.

Rock Solutions offers creative solutions to automate your brewing and logistics processes. We offer out of the box solutions that you can directly fit into your production line.

Leave repetitive tasks to the specialist. A robot tailored to your needs.

Concept design

Together we explore your needs and the corresponding solutions.

After collecting the Customer Objects and analysing the product flow within your company, our engineering team starts working on the most efficient solution in a reasonable timespan.

Advantages with Rock Solutions


Rock Solutions guarantees you a tailor-made solution. We adapt to your needs and not the other way around.


Thanks to the multiple tasks that robots can perform, our solutions are space-saving.


All of the mentioned advantages result in an economic benefit. Less manpower, more speed, larger production volumes.


Rock Solutions works primarily with Refurbished Robots.


Tailor-made solutions that fit perfectly into your current production line. No big investment, but a targeted optimisation.


As a Belgian machine builder ...

Our automated machines

Palletisers/ Depalletisers

Unpackers/ Packers

Clips applicators

Optimise your brewery too?

A non-binding case study

A Rock Solutions team member will visit your site for a few hours to observe your production process. In a follow-up meeting, our expert will give you some advice on how to optimise your production process.

Rather just ask something? Then contact us via the classic channels.