Solid Service

Our promise to you. At Rock Solutions, service comes first. And we’re not just talking about after-sales support. From the first contact we place your needs first.

We focus on innovation and keep you informed of new developments that could benefit your company.

Quality. Everyone’s responsibility. All our employees are committed to your experience and are 100% focused on making your journey as smooth and pleasant as possible for you.

24/7 Service

If necessary, you have an open line of communication with the Rock Solutions team at all times.


An answer to all questions, in all areas


Machine upgrades, adapting to the changing market.

A personal tailor-made approach

Rock Solutions cooperates with the brewery at all times. Together we look for the ideal short and long-term solution. We are not a retailer or a ready-to-use machine builder.

We aim to advise your company in all areas and possibly improve it (End of Line, Robotisation, Concept design).

Do you have questions concerning our approach or our Solid Service Guarantee?