Empowered by innovation

Rock Solutions automates the packaging part of your filling lines. We search for tailor-made innovative solutions that can be immediately integrated in your own brewery.

End of line solutions

Specialised in the "dry" part of filling lines, including depalletising, unpacking, packing and palletising.


Robots offer many advantages to brewers, including durability and flexibility. For our solutions, we regularly go for one or more programmed robots. By using reconditioned (refurbished) robots, we create a win-win for your budget, nature and your production process.

Concept design

Audit of your entire production process. We identify possible optimisations for your brewery, taking into account your specific situation (budget, time, location). The impact of each solution is also fully documented.

Our automated machines

Palletisers/ Depalletisers

Unpackers/ Packers

Clips applicators

A Rock Solution

We at Rock Solutions are passionate about engineering… and about good beer. We are happy to use our knowledge to optimise breweries, so that brewers can focus fully on their craft of brewing.

Convinced by our automation solutions?